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Advertorials prove more effective than Ad Sense

According to, research has shown that advertorials are more effective in the enhancement of overall business sales than all other forms of advertising online or offline. This also includes Google Ad Sense. While many people are more familiar with Google Ad Sense, a popular online pay per click marketing strategy, few are aware of what exactly an advertorial is.

So what exactly is an advertorial? An advertorial is a paid for article that is written by a professional news writer about certain products and services sold by the company which paid the money. Unlike the traditional way of advertising advertorials consist of relatively detailed reviews of these products and services on offer which are then published either online or offline in websites, newspapers or magazines for public consumption.

It is best  to outsource these advertorials to professional companies who will not only write expert reviews but also have a wealth of networking experience to pass the content along to as many online users as possible. This is the essence of advertorials- to increase traffic leads to one’s business website and by extension enhance the revenues of a business.

Because an advertorial piece is written as a news article rather than a simple advert, it enables potential clients of the brand being written about to access proper information about what interest them. In addition, it also provides the readers with an opportunity to cal and follows up on the specific product and services that suits their needs. Therefore, while an immediate sale may not happen, over the long term, an advertorial is better because the news articles stays longer in the mind of the consumer unlike Google Ad Sense, which makes use of links that have to be followed to the business website. These links are considered cumbersome and are often ignored by potential clients who will just read the major information on the main web page then move on.

Google Ad Sense also charges the business owners for the clicks on each link to their website. This is however, not the case with advertorials. The latter just allows the brand owner to view actual clicks free and therefore help them track the progress of the paid for article. When the content as a whole is passed on via bloggers or social networking site, you will be able to know. Since paid articles are infinitely more interesting than Google Ad Sense links, they also result in higher brand awareness and therefore business sales. is a not-for-profit organization that takes care of small and medium-businesses in Canada and beyond by providing them with brand promotion and management services. It has professionals who will write paid articles and distribute them to various news outlets for that purpose. As one of the best in the world of advertorial campaigns, they will give any business great value for their money.

Advertorials outperform online banners


Have you ever paid money for buying online banners? Have you business ever benefited from marketing through online banners? Even though online banners were a great medium for business promotion on the internet, they are no longer as useful as they used to be in the past. These days, most internet users consider these banners as nuisances which irritate them, when they try to browse the internet.

Businesses, which repeatedly spend money on buying online banners, have not been able to reap the benefits of their investment. Even after investing a lot of money on buying web space for posting banners, they are not able to create awareness about their products or services. This is why, many informed businesses prefer opting for Advertorials for the purpose of marketing.

Advertorials are paid news articles that appear in magazines, newspapers and websites. They are very similar to the editorials published in newspapers and magazines, and are written from a first person’s perspective. Usually, the Advertorials are written by writers and journalists who provide their opinion about a business, or the services or products it offers.

If we compare the Return on Investment (ROI) of online banners and Advertorials, we can clearly see that Advertorials outperform online banners. The consumers are easily influenced by news articles that appear on credible media outlets like magazines, newspapers etc.  They are influenced by the fact that the Advertorials reflect experiences of common people like them.

On the other hand, online banners are regarded mainly as problematic, as they often hinder people’s effort to browse any website on the net. Getting Advertorials published in newspapers or magazines is no longer a difficult job. There are quite a few agencies, like, which can help people with publishing Advertorials for their business. has a network of professional writers and journalists who can write Advertorials for your business. They also ensure that these Advertorials are published in newspapers, magazines and websites with high traffic. also specializes in the management of advertising campaign for small to medium-sized business seeking to expand their marketing exposure in mass media which include newspapers, magazines, websites, radio, and television.

People, who utilize Advertorials for online marketing, benefit from the fact that they can also keep a track of the comments posted on the Advertorials. Based on those comments, they can improvise their marketing campaigns and try to reach out to the consumers. Advertorials are also known to increase sales in the long run as many people make their buying decisions based on what they read in these paid news items. will assist you in finding the best publications (print or online) for promoting your business. They will also assist you by placing the best and the most compelling advertorials on those publications. You will be amazed by the amount of publicity your business will gain through publishing Advertorials.

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